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Woox Security Kit Basic

The Woox Security Kit Basic gives you the perfect start to a secured smart home experience. Combining four devices, three operating on Zigbee technology and one on WiFi, the kit enhances your home security without costing a fortune. Offering solid, dependable operations, the devices can be controlled through voice services like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and monitored via the WOOX Home app.

  • Complete Security Kit
  • Operates on Both Zigbee and WiFi
  • Voice Control compatibility
  • Easy Monitoring with the WOOX Home App
  • Easily Installable

Complete Security Kit
The Woox Security Kit Basic provides you with a comprehensive package of smart security devices that cater to your home or office's safety needs. This kit paves the way for solid, reliable security operations, enhancing your safety experience without the need for immense spending.

Operates on Both Zigbee and WiFi
This kit offers a unique blend of technology, with three Zigbee items and a WiFi item. This combination enhances operational efficiency, making your home security experience smarter and more effective.

Voice Control compatibility
The Woox Security Kit Basic seamlessly integrates with voice control services such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This feature makes managing the system convenient, providing a hands-free experience that fits perfectly into your daily routine.

Easy Monitoring with the WOOX Home App
Know what's happening in your home or office from virtually anywhere, thanks to the WOOX Home app. It facilitates the creation of safety and interaction pathways, notifying you about any activity, like motion detection or opening and closing of doors/windows.

Easily Installable
Setting up these devices is a breeze. Secure your belongings, create a secured environment, and get instant updates right on your phone, thanks to the easily installable nature of these smart security devices.

Package includes:

  • R7070 Smart Wireless Gateway
  • R7046 Smart Zigbee PIR Motion Sensor
  • R7047 Smart Zigbee Door/Window Sensor
  • R4071 Smart WiFi Indoor HD camera

About Woox

Woox is a famous brand that offers smart home products to make your life easier. Founded in 2018, Woox aims to provide high-quality, easy-to-use smart home devices at affordable prices. All Woox products integrate with the Woox Home app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT for convenient voice control and automation. The product range covers lighting, security cameras, smart plugs, sensors and more. Woox has strategic partnerships with Tuya Smart and factories in China to enable rapid innovation. From WiFi to Zigbee devices, Woox strives to offer smart home solutions with long battery life and robust connectivity. Woox has obtained all necessary European certifications to ensure product safety and quality. With an aesthetic retail-ready packaging design and multi-language manuals, Woox devices are accessible and straightforward to set up. Experience smarter living with Woox's continuously expanding ecosystem of smart home products.